Polistampa produces decals for ceramic products since 1979.
Its presence in the national and international markets is the result of a valid commercial organization and of a way of work based on technology always on the vanguard.
Today Polistampa, which has its 27 birthday, is present with its own decals on the most important ceramic industries all over the world.
Polistampa produces decals for ceramic which satisfy the most different demands from crockery to sanitary wares, from tiles to the artistic field.
It supplies assistance in any problem relating to decoration and it has experienced technicians at its disposal in all departments.
Its presence in various markets enables it, thanks to its designers and planners, to maximise its particular expertise, in line with the current movement and to respond to the various demands of clients.
The high standard of production, the quality of the research work and the prompt delivery are the fundamental elements on which the company continuously invests, in the desire to satisfy the exacting requirements in the varied fields of ceramics, porcelain and glass.
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